Your Attire

Your Attire is obviously one of the most important parts of a wedding or event. 

We have seen brides not be able to sit in their dress, bridesmaids not able to zip the dress, and groomsmen’s vests being too small or way too big.

We have many brides who can’t sit and are not able to enjoy their meals or take any sitting down portraits. 

We had a bride who was breastfeeding when she did her last fitting, but stopped breastfeeding a couple weeks before the wedding. Her dress did not fit her anymore. 

One of our bridesmaids tried to zip her dress and the zipper broke. Fortunately, the bride’s mom was able to sew her dress for the night. She had to cut her way out of it later. 

One of our groomsmen had to trade vests with another groomsmen that was closer in size, but the vest still did not fit correctly. 

The best way to avoid these problems is to make sure to try everything on as soon as possible and again a couple days before the event. 

It is also a great idea to bring at least one person to your last dress fitting so that they can learn how to bustle your dress. Many times everyone is standing around trying to figure this out for at least 15 minutes. Some brides give up and leave it down.

Just in case you do have a problem, make sure to bring a sewing kit, scissors, and lots of safety pins. 

Good Luck!