We have an in home studio. This experience is very different from the experience at a large corporate store. We take the time to get your children comfortable before starting the photography experience. We do not limit the amount of images taken and will make sure you are completely satisfied with the images.

We also have flexible hours! A lot of our clients have a hard time making a 9-5 appointment. We are more than happy to schedule appointments that are convenient for you!


Our "Out of Studio Experience" is also a very different experience. We spend the time to make sure you get the images you want. 


* They are amazing. My wife is crying, in a good way! 


* The Gomez Family wants to thank Tracy Shupe so much for her amazing work!! Tracy is very professional and catches all the perfect picture moments every time!!!! We love showing our family all of Tracy's work because we always get awww, how pretty, and that is beautiful. Such amazing work done every time! Tracy has been with us since our wedding, pregnant, and newborn and will be with us for more years to come!!! THANK YOU!