personable                 affordable                  flexible                       understanding

great with kids          courteous                   took control                personality

organized                   professional               patient                        great communication


What do these words and phrases all have in common?


They’re all characteristics of a great wedding and event photographer. Sure, everyone knows a good photographer needs to be able to produce beautiful pictures. You’ve seen our photos.  You know we can do that, but we do much more! And you should expect more from the photographer of your most-important day. You need someone who can make the event and all the planning ahead of time as stress-free as possible. AND deliver the gorgeous photographs you’ve been dreaming about.


The other thing those words and phrases all have in common is that they are words our former clients have used to describe us.  That’s what we’re all about.


Who are we? We’re Tracy and Brandon Shupe, the husband and wife photography team that makes up Snaptive Photo Effects in Tucson, Arizona.  Having been in business since June 2007, we have tons of experience photographing all types of fabulous weddings and events. Photography is not just a job to us. It is our PASSION! (And time away from the kids!)


Both of us are former educators. Which helps our company in many ways. We are great at working with people of ALL ages. We are very well organized, and can keep your bridal party, family, and guests on task without taking over your event.


The organization starts early—WAY before the day of your event. We create a custom timeline and shot list in advance so that nothing is forgotten the day of the event. Plus, it’s our job to get the photos you want. That way you can just relax and enjoy your special day.


We take pride in our ability to create an amazing experience for the bride, groom, family, and guests! We are masters at capturing the beauty and joy of life! Our methods combinephotojournalistic unobtrusiveness with a playful side. We enjoy having fun with our clients while never losing our professionalism.


We’re great with communication! We are always available to answer questions before the event and during. We are happy to communicate with your DJ, staff, family and guests.


Part of good communication is LISTENING. We listen to our clients’ ideas. Our clients often have amazing photography ideas and we enjoy creating their vision. It helps us stay life-long learners. We learn something new and amazing at every event! And we bring that learning with us to YOUR event.


So let’s get that communication started! What can we do for you? Do you have any questions we can answer? Please visit our Contact Us and let us know.


Don’t get overwhelmed. We’re here for you.


Thank you for visiting our site.